Environmental Commission


Your Environmental Commission


Who are we?

We are your neighbors – we live in Manalapan and volunteer to help our municipal government protect the environment and natural resources in our town. 


What do we do?

·         Review development plants to identify potential environmental concerns

·         Evaluate environmental problems and offer solutions

·         Educate residents about ways to protect the local environment

·         Help integrate environmental policies into local plans and projects

·         Propose ordinances to protect the environment

·         Advocate for planned open space protection

·         Work to increase recycling rates


When do we meet?

We meet the third Monday of the month at 7:30pm in Town Hall


What are some recent projects?

·         Creation of a demonstration garden to teach how plants can be used to help prevent non-point source pollution in our local waterways

·         Creation of a Monarch Butterfly Waystation at the Rec Center to help save the endangered migration of the Monarch butterfly.

·         Creation of display for Town Hall about recycling

·         Production of MTTN television show called “Green Matters in Manalapan” to educated residents on a variety of issues such as recycling, composting, energy conservation, and Monarch Butterflies.

·         Created a brochure for residents that explains the purpose of and regulations related to Conservation Easements

·         Advocated for the collection of recycling once per week in Manalapan

·         Increased road signs to help residents locate the recycling drop off center

·         Assisted Clark Mills School with its Going Green campaign

·         Launched “Back to Tap” campaign to educate residents about the benefits of using reusable bottles for drinking water including the creation of an educational exhibit in partnership with a teacher and students at Taylor Mills School.

·         Received a $15,000 grant from ANJEC to plan walking and biking trails in Manalapan.




·         2012 Environmental Achievement Award from ANJEC for creation of a traveling exhibit about disposable plastic water bottles.

·         2010 Environmental Achievement Award from ANJEC for creation of the television series, “Green Matters in Manalapan.”

·         Recognized by Mayor for creation of Monarch Butterfly Garden

·         Mayoral Proclamation for creation of educational display about disposable plastic bottles.




  • Jenine Tankoos, Chairperson
  • Daniel Weinshenker, Secretary
  • Stephen Resnick
  • Pat Eisemann
  • Kyle Dunleavy
  • Scott Meyers
  • Barry Jacobson


  • Sue Schoenfeld
  • Rachel Dawn Davis

Associate Members

·         Herb Lazar




Recreation Monarch Waystation

Commissioners and other volunteers after planting a Monarch Waystation at the Rec Center.  If you would like to learn about how you can be a part of the Monarch Watch program please click here for information.